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We know that curly girls have had it hard, from growing up and being called names, to resorting to our straighteners when our frizz was out of control. Our mission is to ‘fix’ your already beautiful curls, and show you what you’ve been missing. From frizzy, unmanageable and tangled, our 5 step process will help heal your hair, and let you love them like you never thought you could.

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From Our Curlies

Yogita K.

It makes my hair soft and helps manage the frizz. Haven't seen a serum-like oil that works better than this!

Unmisha M.

This is my first leave-in and I think I have struck gold. I don't need a lot of product to achieve good results and my curls stay hydrated for at least three days. The product gets reactivated by water so I don't need to reapply to refresh my hair on most days.

Ankita J.

I just loved it..the way it fixes my hair was Awesome...Fix my Curls does its job perfectly ♥️

Juliana S.

In 2-3 days, my light-textured hair loses its wavy texture. With only a few sprays of the product, my hair feels amazing, without any

frizz or stickiness.

Srishti Hans

I'm in love with how it works. .. It does not give too much clumpage and it is just what I wanted. and my hair looks moisturized because of the butter. The two works great together.

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