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What does it do? 

Dirty, Greasy Curls are not fun! :( Cleanse, rinse, repeat with our cleansing shampoo, a mild sulphate free cleanser that rids your scalp of buildup without stripping it of any natural oils. With an iconic trio like coconut extract, tea tree and apple cider vinegar, your scalp will feel clean and balanced like never before!

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Expiry Date of the Products: 3 years from the date of manufacture as mentioned on the product label. Once open use within 3-6 months.

Storage Conditions: To ensure your products last well, store in cool temperatures, keep it away from sunlight and ensure the cap is tightly secured to keep any moisture out.


Customer care number: 8130052378 

This item is Non Returnable

Manufactured by A.S Dermaceuticals, and Marketed by Fixmycurls India Pvt. Ltd.

How to Use?

Need to hit the RE-START button? We’ve got you! Massage 2-3 pumps of our minty fresh cleansing shampoo on your scalp, and as you rinse it off, let it soak your lengths and cleanse them gently. 

Do not! rub the shampoo all over your hair to keep them clean, shampoo is meant to be used on your scalp and root area, the rest of your hair washes itself during rinsing!

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can this shampoo be used every day?

You can use this CGM friendly mild cleansing shampoo 3- 4 times a week.

*Pro tip: for in between wash days, use our Everyday Moisturizing Shampoo.

2) Can this shampoo be used for Clarifying?

No, This shampoo has a mild cleansing effect, for proper clarification, use any sulphate based shampoo fortnightly.

3) How effective is this shampoo for removing oil?

It's a Sulphate free shampoo, hence you might need to use it twice to remove light oil. For heavier oils, we recommend using a sulphate shampoo for Oil Removal.

 Active Ingredients:

- Apple Cider Vinegar to balance your scalp's pH! 

- Soothing Tea Tree to gently rid your scalp of irritation and buildup.

- Sugar Cane extract to kick buildup out of your life! 

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