Curly Hair Essentials: Your Guide to Gorgeous, Frizz-Free Curls

Only recently broke up with the straightener or saw a reel about embracing your true hair? Understood that 2B and 2C are not just divisions in school but hair types? THEN YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE. Your christmas wish has just been granted. Welcome to the curly hair club! 

We are here to help you through this journey as your fix your curls! Psstt if you are not a curly and looking for the perfect gifts to get for your curly head friend this christmas, you too are in the right place my friend. 

Okay, enough with our excitement to see another person embrace their true hair, let us get down to the deets. Here are some of the best 5 curly hair products you want, need and must have. 

The RIGHT Shampoo 

WE KNOW! You were expecting something out of the world right? Not to sound too philosophical, it's the smaller things that actually have the biggest impact. Finding the right shampoo is like finding those perfect pair of jeans, the ones that fit like a glove. But let us make it easier. Look for sulphate free shampoos that help with gentle cleansing that have apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil that balance the scalp and help with irritation. Oh just like our cleansing shampoo, ok honestly this wasn’t intentional…we just make some really good curly hair shampoo.   

Conditioner for all them conditions 

You guessed it right, post a good cleansing shampoo always follow it up with a nice conditioner. Something that hydrates your hair, because curls minus hydration equals to frizz city and that is curl math we all should know. Look for conditioners that have natural oils like sunflower or goji berries to name a few, are sulphate free and have no harsh chemicals. Ok, suggesting our Hydrating Deep Conditioning mask as a solid contender for this. You can use it as a regular conditioner, deep conditioner or just leave it in like a serum to style your hair. Saving your bank too, see curl math. 

Gels, leave in creams are the real stylists

Number 3 and an important one the real stylists in your life are - hair gel, serum, leave in creams, mousse the whole schbang. After a good wash and condition, you need to give the curls some direction and definition because they can go so rogue so fast. We will have to get a little technical here but hair porosity is actually essential. Porosity is ability of your hair to absorb moisture. If you have hair with low porosity go for gel/water based styling products like our curl quenching flax seed jelly which is both light and hydrating and if your hair has high porosity then go for cream based hydrating products for example our curl quenching hair butter. Both of them are great for the winter and will help you take care of your curls and keep the frizz away. Pro tip - avoid trying to put everything, all at once. Experiment with one product at a time and a build a routine that works for your hair. 

Detanglers are something you should knot miss! 

Wide toothed curly combs are a must have. Make sure you detangle your hair post wash, they also make for a good tool to evenly distribute product. You can pick any you like off of Amazon. Avoid brushing your hair when they are dry, unless it’s wash day or you’ll regret it and cry in frizz. 

Satin is the plus one you want, need and will love!

Yes satin pajamas are sexy, but you know what’s sexier? Satin bonnets, scrunchies and pillow cases. Yes curlies, satin is *chef’s kiss* the best thing to happen to your curls. They avoid frizz, help keep their shape and also just so soft to sleep on. Please invest in these, it feels like a lot but honestly do add this to your list. 

Before you embark on your curl care shopping spree, here's an extra tip: consider microfiber towels to save your hair from frizz during drying. If that feels like a bit much, your trusty cotton t-shirts can be a good alternative. 

We hope this was helpful and motivates you to embrace every single curl. We have linked all the products so it’s super easy for you to shop. This entire bundle also makes for a perfect gift for yourself or a loved one and if they like it, you can take all the credit. Until next time, happy curling.