Fix My Curls

Defining Hair Gel

Rs. 290

What does it do:

Halo frizz, too much volume, and lack of shine? Meet your saviour! Our defining hair gel is made to lock in moisture from your curl cream/leave in cream and form a cast around your curls, keeping them glossy, frizz free and defined for days.

How to Use:

Our defining hair gel is protein rich, and the perfect last step in your styling process. Step 1: Make sure your hair is still wet! Step 2 : Glaze 2-4 pumps of this gel over all of your hair, in a praying hands motion and then scrunch it in as you did with the leave in cream (right after your leave in/any cream base) This gel will lock in the moisture from your cream, and form a cast around your curls to keep them clumped, and defined, and frizz free! Once your hair dries, take 1-2 drops of a lightweight oil, and scrunch your hair to break the gel cast for fluffier, bouncier curls if you don’t like them too defined. This process is also known as SOTC- Scrunching out the crunch. *Product comes in a 250GM TUBE Now.

Active Ingredients:

Sunflower Oil for weightless shine! Soy protein for effortless bond repair and anti-breakage properties! Vanilla Beans so you can smell yummy all day :)

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