Why Choose Us?

There is and will always be plenty of haircare on the market. 

Why us? you may ask! 

Here's some reasons why:

Cruelty Free: None of our products are tested on anyone or anything before they are perfectly safe, and ready to use.

Sulphate Free: We are CG friendly! We’d also like to note, that there are good and bad sulphates, some sulphates are harsher on your hair in the way they cleanse them, but some are actually safe to use! We only use one sulphate, which is safe and made from sugarcane extract to give you light lather, it will not damage your hair, and will leave them squeaky clean.

Silicone free: Silicones act as a smooth, silky surface on your hair, to give you the feeling that they’ve been moisturised really well. Most curly hair products contain these in their conditioners, but we have not done that! Instead, we rely on natural oils and coconut extracts to give you that same moisture, with no damage done.

We are Eco Certified: This means that we leave minimal impact on the environment. All our ingredients we use are organic, natural and good for you and the world we live in!

Our Packaging:

Our sustainable practices stem from our want to be a business that supports local talent, and is fair trade!

How are we sustainable in our packaging?

  • We wrap all of our products in newspaper and ship them in cardboard boxes! This way reducing the usage of any plastic packing materials.
  • Our Travel kits are sent out in cotton bags, that are locally sourced by a group of women in Bhondsi Village. You support them when you support us! That means supporting many households, and giving these women a chance to work, earn and create! We buy the cloth in bulk, cut it up, stitch it up, and sent them off to be printed! Each bag takes 5-10 minutes to make, and is handcrafted, especially for our travel kits!!


We are here for your hair, your needs, and your concerns. We go further than to just provide products, we want to help you embrace this mane that you've been given! Need help? DM us over on Instagram! @fiixmycurls !