Fix My Curls

Hydrating Deep Conditioner

Rs. 490

Hydrate & Protect? Meet our original conditioner:

Humidity? Frizz? Um..No thanks! With eight oils and two butters, our balanced hydrating conditioner strengthens dry, brittle, and damaged hair giving you easily detangled tresses with so much more slip! This 3 in 1 super-star can condition, deep condition and can be left in!

How To Use:

Using our conditioner is the ultimate TLC for your dry curls! Rake as many pumps as you desire from your roots to your lengths and wash off in 5 minutes for a quick condition! To deep condition, leave it in for 20-30 minutes with a shower cap on, and a heat cap for added moisture, and then rinse off! Walk out of the shower with bouncy, hydrated curls with the help of 8 oils, butters and proteins. Use this conditioner to help detangle your curls before you step out of the shower, do this with a wide tooth comb/or your fingers.

Active Ingredients:

Powerhouse Protein Duo of Soy, & Corn Cult favourite oils like Sunflower, Rosemary, Goji Berries, & Peppermint Known as nature's humectant, Honey! Great for slip, and moisture led bond repairing!

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