What to expect?

A full banner video showcasing how good the product’s results would be if used properly. Idea of keeping this section at the top is to grasp the visitors attention with real life results, so that a hook is created to engage more with rest of the page; a visitor shouldn’t feel like he/she has landed on an usual educational page/blog which is something that people generally avoid reading

How to Apply

How it's made?

After seeing the results of the product in the above section, a natural question would arise in a user’s mind - if this gonna damage my hair or are there going to be any sort of side effects for the product.

To help tackle this concern, we’ll add a video explaining users on how our product are made - telling them about the manufacturing process and also regarding some of the key ingredients that are used; stating how these product would not harm a user’s hair even on prolonged usage, we’ll also attach some of the long term real user results.

Learnt how to apply , Now try it yourselves

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