How to use guide


Cleansing can be made super easy and refreshing with our cleanser, SQUEAKY. We know most of us only rush to cleanse after a busy week, and that most cleansers are harsher on our scalps, creating a rich lather that convinces us we've cleansed our hair. This however, can be a dangerous way to cleanse!

Our cleanser, is free of sulfate and surfactants that may create lather, but is full of anti itch and dandruff ingredients that will not only cool your scalp, but will also remove any buildup without leaving it dry.

We recommend using our cleansing shampoo, SQUEAKY, as a once/twice a week shampoo to remove buildup when you need a good wash day, make it your FIRST STEP.

We promise, your scalp will thank you for it!

CG Tip: Don't look for lather! Look for cleansing agents that are safe for your hair. Lather has nothing to do with a clean scalp, this myth will leave your scalp begging for oils.



Cleansing with Moisture

Any good CG (Curly Girl) routine will have you know that cleansing once is not enough, but TWICE is.

We know how drying any cleansing shampoo can be, so we created another cleanser, with double the oils to make it fit for everyday use, if not just as a wash day staple!

We recommend using our moisture shampoo EVERMORE after our cleansing shampoo SQUEAKY, as a STEP 2 in your routine. Make sure you only massage this shampoo in your scalp, letting it wash over your ends once you rinse it out.

CG Tip : Never shampoo your ends! Only cleanse your scalp, your strands will cleanse during the rinsing process.



Condition and condition some more

Our favourite step in this whole process, CONDITIONING!

Any curly, wavy, or kinky girl stocks up on her conditioners, and also knows that an oily scalp is only oily because our scalp is so dry that its producing oil itself! This sebum production can be related to a bunch of other reasons, but we think you should try keeping your hair well moisturised first, and see if that makes a difference to your scalp health.

Our MELLOW deep conditioner has honey, an emollient which makes it an incredible hair conditioner that smoothens your hair. We also have Goji berries! Rich in vitamin A, therefore improving blood circulation to the scalp, thereby boosting hair growth and preventing hair fall. Nigella Sativa oil acts as a natural moisturiser that rids your hair and scalp of dryness. It lubricates and protects the outer layer of your hair and scalp with its richness in fatty acids and amino acids that maintain the lipid barrier on your hair! Get going!

CG Tip : Use a heat cap, or any regular shower cap with your conditioner in for 15-20 minutes, to turn a regular conditioner into a deep conditioner!



Leave in Cream

We know just how important this step can be on wash day! Whether you use your gel first, or your leave in cream, we've made sure both work together to create the perfect CG cocktail.

Our leave in cream, with vanilla extracts, nigella sativa oils, and jojoba butters will give you slip like never before.

We recommend scrunching this in with water using the bowl method, or even just using this as a refresher on Days 3 and 4 once your cast begins to shake.

This leave in has a soft hold, good enough for minimal definition and maximum moisture!

CG Tip : Scrunch in your leave in before your gel to make sure the cast is easier to break once they're dry. Also, try using a pinch of leave in to help scrunch out the crunch later on!



Define those Locks

Last but definitely not the least, DEFINING!

Your hands will probably be aching by now, but this gel will make all of it worth it. Using a gel can be tricky, and the easiest way to have a successful washday is to make sure your hair is dripping wet when applying this gel.

Our gel is protein rich, and glycerin free! Perfect for any humid weather conditions, this cast will HOLD for days. We promise!

Pairing this with our leave in cream will give you the best results, because a good balance of protein and moisture makes your curls go BOING!

CG Tip : Scrunch out the crunch for a more natural look, but if you want a perfect cast, DONT TOUCH THEM. Use a Denman brush for maximum bounce and definition.