The Easiest Routine for Curly Hair Beginners For Your Natural Curls

Your hair is not frizzy, it’s textured. Here is the easiest routine to get you started on your curly hair journey. 

Welcome curly teens, in a world where smooth silky hair always takes spotlight it’s time to celebrate the beauty of your curly hair. While you are experimenting with your style, who you are and what your identity is, we want you to give your curls a shot too.

We know that at this age especially, everyone around you from the people at the salon or a relative is telling you “ why don’t you try this keratin treatment, it will make your hair smooth” or  “ beta put some curd and eggs and besan in your hair, it will become silky and take the frizz away”. Just like how you avoid those notifications, we want you to do the same with this advice. We are here to fight this fight with you, to tell you, it’s not you, it’s them! Your hair is not frizzy, it’s textured and here’s how you can get started on your simple curly haircare routine to embrace, gorgeous, healthy curls. 

Oh, we are so excited for you, it’s going to be awesome! 

Understanding your hair! 

The first step to get started on your curly haircare routine is identifying, your hair type. Unlike straight hair, curly hair is characterized by twists, turns, and bends that create a variety of curl patterns. From loose waves to tight coils, each curl pattern requires specific care and attention. Spend some time with your hair when its wet to understand and identify your curl pattern. There is a widely recognized curl typing system, which ranges from Type 2 (wavy) to Type 4 (coily).

Clean, hydrating products, FTW! 

Once you realise, you’re a curly there is no going back. Many a times, finding the right product for your hair can be super confusing. Go for shampoos, conditioners and styling products that are sulphate & paraben free. These products are gentle and will not strip your hair of it’s natural oil. Pro tip, start with a simple wash routine and then keep building it up, so that your hair has some time to adjust, giving you the best results. 

In deep conditioning we trust

Deep conditioner is every curly’s bff! This will help lock all the moisture in. Once you start your curly hair routine, introduce deep conditioning once every fortnight. It’s essential to make this part of your routine, to have bouncy, shiny and beautiful curls. The best part about deep conditioning is also, it helps in blood circulation and trust us, is one of the more relaxing parts of a curl care routine. 

It’s time to style those curls! 

Styling is one of our favourite parts. Ahh, so many techniques, so many products to try. Omg, someone hold our hand. Literally, chills! Okay, coming back to the topic, styling can seem intimidating, just like the rest of the curly haircare world, but once you find the technique that works for you, say goodbye to bad hair days. 

The easiest technique to get you started is to rake your styling product in and gently scrunch your hair to the roots. Do this gently, to avoid frizz city. 

If you want a detailed read on different types of styling techniques & how they work click here

The 2Ds we love - Drying & Diffusing

How you dry your hair can significantly impact your curl pattern and overall look. While air-drying is gentlest on your curls, it may not always be practical, especially if you're short on time. In that case, consider using a diffuser attachment on your hair dryer to evenly distribute airflow and minimize frizz. Use a low heat setting and scrunch your curls upward as you dry to enhance definition and volume.

Nightime routine

Yes, yes we know being a curlie is not for the faint hearted, but after you spend so much time making your hair look fabulous this is almost too easy. Invest in satin pillow covers and scrunchies. You can always, also put your hair in a bonnet or just pineapple it (loosely tying all your hair to the top). 

So when you wake up in the morning, all that effort with will be worth it, because your curls will be oh my gorgeous! 

So yeah, that’s it! If you’re just getting started on your curly hair routine, these tips, products and hacks are just what you need. If your consistent (just like the gym) results will start showing with each wash. You’ll also eventually start building your own routines, techniques and we love that journey for you. Anything else you’d want to know? Leave a comment and we would be happy to help you out.