Stylish Protective Hairstyles For Curly Hair

We all know how tough it is to style that curly mane with all that frizz and damage. Doing a protective hair style is so important as it possesses so much power in it and definitely has a lot of benefits like it aids in protecting your hair, helping them grow, making them stay tangle free and what not.

Naturally Curly hair is a blessing in disguise as they look just so perfect with every outfit and helps you create a lot many looks with that. But the major concern with curly hair is that they are very much prone to damage, breakage and frizz and the best part about protective hairstyles is that it is a very powerful way to protect your curls.

What are Protective Hairstyles?

Getting a new hairstyle is a must as it evokes the different sides of your persona while few hair styles help you to transform your look few are also to protect your hair. These protective hairstyles just tucks your hair in forms of braids or cornrows to ensure the least amount of manipulation possible to your hair. Different weather conditions have different effects on our hair. They expand or contract, the hair fibres start to wear off and this makes the hair weaker.This leads to damage and often loss of length. Protective styles help to secure your hair from the nasty weather conditions which helps in frizz reduction and dryness.

Top 3 Protective Hairstyles:

1. Pineapple Updo  

A pineapple updo is one of the best ones to protect your hair from frizz and damage. This one is a super versatile style as you can wear it to sleep by wrapping it with a silk scarf and you can even wear it to lunches, office meetings or even to the best of the parties. It is a super easy style to carry and just takes minutes to make, all you gotta do is to grab your curls and tie them up at the top of your head. But don't forget to use the curl quenching butter and jelly before as that will give your curly hair the needed moisture and will keep them in shape.

2. Long CornRows

Cornrows are just so much in trend as they look amazing on each one of us and are very protective when it comes to the health of the curls. They are the most preferred ones when it comes to protective hairstyles. They look the best even when twisted up into buns or can even be left open. The braids tuck your hair down and don't let the harsh weather conditions affect the curls but the most important part of having the braids is to use proper curly hair products for them. We will suggest you to always go in for the leave-in cream or use a Deep conditioning moisturising mask before you get your braids done as it will provide them with the needed oil and butter.

3. Braids and Buns


If you are looking for a very easy and a basic hair style braids and buns is just a perfect one for you. They make the look so confident yet so handy and free that it is just the one you will need for all those morning meetings as this will definitely bring out that boss lady in you while also helping protect your hair and make them grow faster. For the braids and buns you should buy the satin pillowcases as braids tend to get a lil tangled so to avoid that satin pillowcases are a must have. As advised by our hair experts, anyone who would want to get braids should try the 5 Step protein bundle is one of the best curly hair products as it will give your curls the needed protein to replenish them from the damage. It becomes just so easy to maintain your naturally curly hair with these protective hairstyles. The top hair care experts also recommend the curly heads to wear these as curly hair are more prone to damage and breakage than any other texture. All the products you will be needing for the hair styles are available on our website and various other platforms.