How to Style Your Curls for the Ultimate Bollywood Wedding Look?

This is how we would style our curls if we were invited to all the bollywood weddings this year! 

Or any weddings for that matter!
The best season of the year is finally here…yes you’re right the wedding season. While we love the glitz and glamour, one real struggle is finding different hairstyles to wear with all the gorgeous outfits for different events. While you can always let your hair down, who doesn’t love styling them curls. So be it the over the top Big Fat Indian wedding or a lowkey intimate one…this is how we would style our curls. 

So if you’re the bride, bridesmaid or attending as a guest we have some curly hair inspo for you that is going to elevate that saree or lehenga look and put you in the spotlight. 

Here are 5 super easy hairstyles that you must tryt his wedding season, let’s check em out curlies. 

The Classic Curls & Maang Tikka 

This one is a classic, you can style your hair like you usually do. Wash, condition, leave in conditioner and then diffuse or air dry your hair. Then create a centre partition or side and wear a statement maang tikka. This would look great for any of the wedding functions and lets your hair be the hero. Whether your curls are long or short this style is going to look gorgeous on you. 

Bun-than & flowers 

This one is a classic, tie your hair in a low bun, let some strands out in the front to help shape your face. You can add some fresh flowers like mogras or roses to add some elegance and romance to your hair. It works perfectly for mid length or long curly hair. This is a great look for when you don’t wish to wash your hair. You can use our Ready, Set, Refresh spray to style your hair and still look flawless. 

The queen crown 

Take two sections of your hair and braid it into a lovely crown, you can add a nice bejeweled clip to it to add some pizzaz to the crown and leave the rest of your locks down. This curly hair look is perfect for receptions, cocktail night or just any wedding party you’re going to. This will look great with all lengths of curly hair. 

Side swept curls with a dupatta 

Sweep your gorgeous hair on one side and pin them and some setting spray so that they stay in place, to add some shine and bounce to this look use fix my curls’ Scalp & Strands Elixir Hair oil. You can drape your dupatta on the opposite shoulder making it an elegant look. To elevate the look you can always hadd some fresh flowers where you pin the hair. 

Messy Bun & Matha Patti 

This messy bun and matha patti look exudes elegance. Tie your hair in a messy bun, can be a high or low bun. Add a matha patti (forehead jewellery) to this look. This statement accessory will give you only main character energy. Another look perfect for days you don’t want to put in too much effort to style your hair. Simple, classic and very very elegant. Perfect for mid length or long curly hair. 

That is all from us, hope this makes your life easier, don’t forget to share it with a curlie and make the wedding season even more exciting for her. If you do try any of these hairstyles, do tag us on Instagram @fixmycurls using the #MyCurlyWeddingLook. Can’t wait to see you kill it.