Winter Hair Care for Curly Hair | 5 Essential Tips for Healthy Curls

Hello curlies! It’s good to see you here! Winter really is a magical time, right? All the beautiful lights, the perfect winter clothes (ofcourse not for those living by the coast), the delicious hot chocolate, the good vibes in the air and just the holiday spirit.

While you’re layering your clothes and your skincare, it’s also essential to give your hair that extra loving, so they’re always giving. But you’re probably wondering where do I start? Which oil, what conditioner... How do I even layer for my hair? Well, we got you covered (just like that jacket of yours) - oh yeah winter jokes. Let’s get into it shall we;

Here are 5 easy wavy, curly hair essentials, hacks, shampoos, serums and overall maintenance to help you brave through the cold winter.

Conditioner is an absolute winter essential 

Baby it’s cold outside and your hair needs all the warmth! While everything is drying up, so is your hair! It’s important for you to get generous with your deep conditioner, hydrating masks and leave in conditioners. Basically all the hydration you can give your hair. Of Course you’re thinking, damn gotta spend that money and buy 3 more products.  Don’t worry, we always have a solution for you, our moisture melt deep conditioning mask is a 3 in 1. Use it how you like, but don’t forget to use it. This will let you keep your hair down confidently, without worrying about the frizz. Pro tip - If your hair is generally feeling poofy or frizzy please add this to your cart right away, you will thank us.

Don’t forget the oiling 

Oil your scalp and strands with gentle oils that have jojoba or sweet almond extracts in it. These oils are natural and very light, which will not make your hair feel heavy and greasy. This takes care of the dryness, the champi helps with blood circulation which keeps the hair healthy and of course, is super relaxing. Talking about a nice head massage, makes us want to get one like now…maybe after we help you keep those curls pretty.

Time for you to warm up, not your curls 

We all wanna cosy up, give our body all the heat. Maybe cuddle with our loved ones or the warm blanket if you’re in your selfcare era. But this is a time to give your hair just some warmth and not intense heat. The best way to style your hair during winter is to let it air dry or gently diffuse them at a lower heat setting. This will save your hair from the winter dryness while still looking stylish and put together. Pro tip, you can add some mousse or hair butter before you style your hair just to make sure that moisture is all locked in.

Hats on for your curls 

While the washing, styling and oiling is a routine you are super familiar with, let us tell you how to take care of them curls and waves while you step out and they’re all set. Hats! Yes yes, we know you’re probably thinking but when I take off the hat its going to ruin my look, well let us tell you hats are going to protect your hair when you step out. Look for hats and caps that have a silk lining so that when they’re off your hair still looks gorgeous. If hats is not your thing, look for silk scarves to wrap your head when stepping out. If you are a curly you already have a collection, we are sure.

The winter favorite - warm showers 

You can continue to take those boiling, straight from the world below showers…but don’t wash your hair with boiling hot water. For your hair to be good hair daying throughout winters, opt for warm and if you are very brave cold showers. These keep the oils in your scalp and the moisture in your hair intact. Making it easier to apply product and for them to look flowy and luscious.

Continue to follow your regular routine, make sure you eat well, oil your hair and give it all the nourishment, hydration and  layers of love to avoid dry, frizzy hair. If you are confused about something, you know where to find us. We would be happy to help you fix your curls. See the word play? Nice right. Okay, that’s it for this one, if you liked it don’t forget to share it with your curl gang. Happy winter…we are going to go sip on some hot chocolate now.