Summer Saviour: How to Control Frizzy Hair in Hot Weather

Are you struggling to control your frizzy hair during the hot summer months? Well, don't worry, you're not alone. 

Welcome, readers, and today we’re on an adventure to tame frizzy summer curls! Here, we'll first address the problems that our fellow frizzy-haired friends face during the hot, humid summer months. Our goal is to give you a few solutions so you can easily control frizz and have hair that is just as attractive as you.

Why Is My Hair Frizzy…?

Raise your hand if you've ever walked out the door with sleek, shiny hair, only to have it turn into a mess the moment you step outside! It's so frustrating, right? Your hair seems to have a mind of its own, deciding to go wild without your permission. And the theme of its little party? Frizz, of course!

We often blame humidity for frizzy hair, but there's more to the story than just that. Humidity is a big part of it, but it's not the only reason. There are other factors at play, like heat, dryness, and even the sneaky UV rays. It's like a summer blockbuster, but instead of movie stars, it stars your hair.

Common Frizzy Hair Problems in Summer

Humidity Trouble

Humidity is a well-known enemy of hair! But why does this cause so many problems for our hair? When the air is more humid than a sauna, frizzy hair gets all the liberty it wants. Our hair is free of extra moisture, and because the air is so wet, our hair strands reach out to absorb it, giving the appearance of frizzier hair than usual. 

Sun Damage Problems

Did you know? The sun's rays aren't just for tanning; they can also damage our hair! These powerful UV radiations can strip keratin and protein from our hair, leaving it as dry as the Sahara desert and twice as prone to becoming frizzy. We won't let that happen to you. We have some tips to keep your hair looking gorgeous during the summer and shield it from UV ray damage.

Sweat-induced Issues

Summer – the season of sunshine, ice cream, and sweat. The sweat that is all over us does not spare our hair. And worse, it chooses to participate as well! Imagine yourself taking a walk during the hot summer days when all of a sudden, drops of sweat appear on your forehead. Your once-smooth hair unexpectedly becomes a tangle of frizz! Maintain your cool and control your hair with our expert tips to help you even as the heat rises.

Solutions for Summer-Proof Hair

Dehydration and general dryness are two of the main reasons for frizzy hair. Moisture from the air gets into the exposed hair shaft when hair is dry and damaged. It swells and we call that - frizz. Your hair gets so much frizzier in the summer because humid air contains a lot of moisture. Natural oils generated in the scalp have difficulty moving down the hair shaft, which causes dryness and frizz in those with naturally curly hair. While many factors can cause dry hair, the good news is that most of them are within your control. 

Here are a few simple tips on how to prevent frizzy hair and keep your hair under control this summer.

Use Cold Water for Showering

Showering in hot water sounds soothing, yet it dries out your hair and increases frizz risk. Also, using hot water might overstress your scalp and almost stop its ability to produce natural oils. Use cold water to seal the hair cuticle and stop airborne moisture from making it swell and frizz.

Tweak Your Hair Drying Process

Regular cotton towels can cause frizz and damage to curly hair, especially when used after showers. Instead, use a microfiber towel to save time on hair drying and keep them hydrated. If you don't have a microfiber cloth, a T-shirt is good to go. Instead of rubbing your hair, scrunch it to prevent friction on cuticles. Air-drying is a gentler option, and your hair will appreciate the extra effort in the long run. Remember to scrunch your hair instead of rubbing it, as friction can harm hair cuticles.

Use a Sulfate-Free Moisturizing Shampoo

Another way to control frizz during summer is to use a sulfate-free shampoo. Sulfates are abrasive detergents that drain hair of its natural oils, causing frizz and dehydration. Curly hair is naturally drier than straight hair and using a sulfate-free moisturising shampoo will help close the hair cuticle and make your hair frizz-free.

Apply Leave-In Products

Applying a leave-in conditioner after washing your hair helps it stay hydrated all day, especially during summer when sweating causes more dehydration. Hair cream can be used in addition to leave-in conditioner; it’s simpler to use, as it can be applied to dripping wet hair and raked through for even distribution - helping you take care of your frizz anytime.

Use a Hair Mask 

Use a hair mask once a week, this summer and keep your hair hydrated and let the scalp lock in the natural oils. It coats hair, prevents frizz, and guards your hair against damage. It works as a powerful barrier against frizz.

Switch the Pillowcase

Cotton pillowcases made of abrasive cotton fibres can harm your hair when you’re asleep. Consider using a satin or silk pillowcase to prevent hair damage and breakage. Silk's smooth texture allows hair to slide over it easily, reducing frizz and preventing tangles. Also, changing your mattress and linens to satin fabric can further reduce frizz. Apply this simple remedy to your daily hair care routine and see the magic for yourself!

During summers, avoid heat exposure to hair styling tools like straighteners, curling wands, and blow dryers. Use cold settings on blow dryers and reduce heat on curling or flat irons, only if you absolutely need to use them! The more you keep your hair away from heat treatments, the better it helps to prevent frizzy hair problems. With these simple tips, it would be much easier this summer to control hair- frizz and take care of your hair health, simultaneously.