How to Determine if Your Curly Hair Needs Protein or Moisture

Hello curlies, welcome back! We are so happy to see you here. As a curly hair brand, we talk a lot about moisture, hydration and protein and how it helps your hair. But one question that we are often asked is, how do I know if my curls lack protein or moisture. Because, let’s be honest it’s really not that easy to de-code curly hair.
But you know, just like a lot of your other curly hair concerns, we are here to solve this one too! We did a lot of research (so you don’t have to) to find out if your hair needs protein or moisture. Read on as we break it down for you and recommend products to help take care of some of your concerns.

Starting off with moisture, here are some signs that will help you identify if your hair needs moisture.

Dryness & Frizz

Right off the bat, if your curls feel dry, brittle or are prone to frizz they need some moisture. Dry hair lacks elasticity, making it look dull and adding to a rough texture. 

Dryness & Frizz

Split ends

This is an easy way to find out that your hair is thirsty and needs that moisture, it will split easily at the end. However, split ends don't simply remain static. The drier your strands become, the quicker they'll divide along the hair shaft until they're attended to.

They are hard to detangle

Every curly already knows how hard it is to detangle your hair. If you find yourself dealing with an abundance of tangles throughout the day or knots that are particularly stubborn, it's a clear indication that your hair is lacking in moisture.

Flaky or Dry Scalp

By now you know, the health of your scalp is a direct indicator of how healthy your hair is. For many people dandruff or a flaky scalp means your hair needs moisture. For some curlies, it could also be an oily scalp.


How to take care of your thirsty curls

Now that you know how to identify if your hair needs moisture, here are some easy ways to give it that too! First of all, go for shampoos, conditioners and leave in creams that are light and have hydrating properties. Make sure you include deep conditioning as part of your weekly routine, avoid using hot water to wash your hair as it strips away the natural oils, look for products that have shea butter and make sure you’re drinking plenty of water. Since that always helps! 

Now that we have taken care of the moisture curlies, it’s time to talk about the protein curlies. Here are some signs that your lovely curls may need some protein 

Excessive Breakage

One of the easiest ways to find out your curls need some of that protein pump is if they are breaking easily especially when you are combing or styling them. Protein helps strengthening the hair and prevents breakage.

Your hair is limp and lacks elasticity

Another way to find out if your curls need that protein is if they fall flat. Healthy hair when pulled come back to their original shape. Also they will appear less bouncy and full than they normally do.

They don’t hold shape

Protein helps your hair with structure and shape. If your hair is losing definition quickly and is  not able to hold it’s shape even after styling them, this may mean it is lacking protein. 

Overly porous hair

If your hair absorbs water quickly and takes a long time to dry, it may be overly porous, which can indicate a lack of protein. Overly porous hair can lead to moisture loss and difficulty retaining hydration.

How do I give my curls the protein they need? 

Once you know the problem, it’s pretty easy to solve and we are here for that! Start with adding protein rich food to your diet, this really helps. We don’t want to sound like your gym trainer, but do it. Apart from that look for haircare products that are made to solve this problem. Just be careful, too much protein can also cause damage to your hair.  Find that right balance between hydration and protein for your beautiful locks.

While the hair may always need something, but if you’re taking care of yourself, your hair will also be good. Drink water, eat healthy and just embrace the curly lifestyle. We hope this was helpful, share it with a curly who might need this information, we shall see you next time.