Fix My Curls

Leave in Cream

Rs. 465

What is it?

Meet our curly all rounder & favourite, leave in cream! As the name suggests, you leave this in your curls/waves for effortless natural curl enhancement. You can finally say goodbye to frizz and hello to softer hair, no matter your texture!  

How do I use this?

Your best curl-friend! The first styler in our two step styling process. Use this alone, or with our gel once you are out of the shower, on soaking wet hair. Section your hair into 2 or more sections, and rake in the product. Use the upwards scrunching motion to see your curls form after applying the cream. Remember, do not wash it out! This cream is to be left in your hair. You can use a styling brush to further spread the product evenly. Let this air-dry for best results! *Wavier hair textures can use the product by mixing up to 4 pumps in a bowl with water, and then applying it over your waves. Scrunching is vital in the process of revealing your natural curl pattern!

Active Ingredients:

Jojoba oil is superior when it comes to juicy, nourishing curls! Sunflower oil is light, born in India, and naturally sourced! So good for shine! Effortless slip with Behentrimonium Methosulfate! Nope, not a sulphate cleanser, but a conditioning agent.

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