What is the CG method? And how do we follow it?

So, what is the Curly Girl Method?

In summary, the curly girl method is one that avoids harmful hair practices and ingredients that curly hair is better without. The main ones are as follows:

  1. No sulphates, or silicones.
  2. No shampoo! (we disagree)
  3. No more using water soluble ingredients (these are ingredients that don’t wash off with water and need a detergent (sulphates) to rinse out of your hair)
  4. No combing whatsoever.
  5. No more heat styling, or hair drying!
  6. No more alcohols (in your products)

How do WE follow it?

So, we’ve found a way to follow the Curly Girl method but also…..not follow it. We use all curly girl friendly ingredients and strictly stay away from sulphates and silicones.

*However, as a brand, we advise the occasional use of styling brushes (like the denman) and the use of sulphates to clarify your scalp once a month.

Why do we not follow it as strictly as we should?

We feel that the curly girl method is great, however as per Indian weather and hair, we’d benefit from a routine that does include shampooing (without sulphates) but uses sugarcane and coconut extracts to do the job! Giving you that clean, balanced feeling on your scalp without stripping it of its natural oils. 

Let’s get to hair brushing next, do we recommend you brush them dry? NO WAY. But do we think you could use a styling brush to give your curls more definition and train them? YES.

Using a styling brush can help train your curls to curl up over a period of time, and in the end spread your product better than your hands can. 

We do not recommend heat styling, or diffusing (maybe on low heat), we say air drying is the best way to go! 

How does our 5 step routine follow this method in an effective yet easy way?

  1. Our first step is to cleanse, without the sulphates! 
  2. Our second step is to moisturise, and balance the pH of your scalp, again no sulphates or silicones used.
  3. Our third step is to condition! We say detangle at this stage, use the conditioner to get rid of all your knots and kinks. 

Next, come our stylers.

  1. Our fourth step is our leave in cream, you apply this to your WET hair, we’ve explained how to use these in another blog post (check that out!)
  2. Our fifth step is a gel, no drying alcohols or silicones in this! (unlike gels you’ll get at the salon) This gel is used to lock in that moisture and give you definition and clumps. 

*(Clumps are formed when your hair strands find other hair strands to form curls as shown below)

And VOILA! This is how we follow the CG method in 5 easy effective ways, none of the icky ingredients and all of the love.