You call your hair frizzy, we call it full of potential!

Do you face consistent frizz, puffy hair, waves and textures in your hair? Does your hair feel so much nicer when it's wet (aka hydrated) but looks horribly voluminous when it’s dry? Does brushing it just cause more tangles? Does using a conditioner save your hair and shampoo completely dry it out? Does your hair only make you feel good when it’s blow dried/straight?

Well, if you said yes to ANY of those, you most likely have…..


Curly/Wavy textured hair! WELCOME TO THE CLUB. 

Now here’s where it gets fun! You can actually embrace those curls! They CAN look beautiful, and shiny and defined, and nope they do not have to be straightened out.

How can you do this? Well, there’s one thing no one tells you about:


Styling products, often known to us previously as *hairsprays, waxes, and men’s hair gels are actually great for curly/wavy hair, but not in the format that salons have marketed them to us.

They come in the form of leave in creams, hair gels, hair butters, leave in conditioners, curl creams and sooooooo much MORE! There’s a whole world of styling products that are GOOD for your curls and will keep them HEALTHY.

These products are left in your hair, and not washed out. This may seem like a dangerous concept at first, but it’s safe and perfectly fine to do, trust us! 

Here’s some testimonials from our very own customers, it’s right in front of your eyes the before and after of incorporating creams and gels into their haircare routine.