Essential Spring Hair Care Tips for Beautiful Curly Hair

Welcome back, curlies! It’s time to say goodbye to the dry, harsh, and cold weather. While we may miss the cute jacket looks, and tinted winter cheeks, we definitely won’t miss the dryness it brought to our curls. 

The good part of the year is finally here, cute spring-summer outfits, a nice tan, spending some time by the beach, your favorite drinks, cute pictures, and some of our best friends. Ah love the vibe spring brings with it. Just pure freshness. And just like how your outfit and crush change with each season, you have to change another thing—yes, your curl care routine. Don’t worry; as always, we got you just in time. 
Here are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind during the spring season to have gorgeous hair and to continue serving them cute looks. 

Starting off with the important dos 

Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate 

While spring is beautiful, with it come higher temperatures and oh so much humidity. This humidity can lead to increased moisture loss from your curls. Opt for hydrating, shampoos, conditioners and leave in creams. Look for products that have coconut oil or shea butter that locks the moisture in. Also reminder, don’t forget to drink water. 

Detangle Gently 

Frizz city is just one wrong detangling technique away. Gently detangle your hair with your fingers so that you have voluminous, bouncy curls. 

Go for lightweight products 

It’s anyway hot and sticky and you don’t want anything dampering your curls, especially not products that are supposed to make them look gorgeous. Go for styling products that are light weight so your hair feels easy breazy.

Go for protective styling 

For long curly hair, go for loose braids or buns especially on windy days. This helps minimize frizz and breaking your hair.

We are pretty sure, you already know some of these dos but it doesn’t hurt to put it out as a reminder, because curlies we really do care a lot about your hair. 

Coming to the don’ts these are important to remember

Don’t overwash your hair 

As we already know that overwashing your hair can strip it away of its natural oil and you want to avoid it especially when the weather around you is taking away all your moisture. Re adjust your washing cycle and try to wash your hair maybe twice a week. 

Don’t skip conditioner 

Your secret is safe with us. We understand that styling curly hair can be exhausting, conditioner, leave in conditioner and a friend for the conditioner…and it gets it a bit much. We get it, but don’t skip your conditioner during the spring. It will end up making your hair dry faster and you will have to wash it again and we know what overwashing does…and its a don’t forget conditioner

Don’t forget to use heat protectant 

This is obviously a must all year round, but don’t forget to use this especially during the spring time. Not adding a heat protectant is more likely to make your hair dry and frizzy. 

Don’t add too much product 

Opt for light products that don’t weigh your hair down. During the spring opt for 1 maybe 2 styling products, instead of going for the whole lot. This will weigh your curls down, making them look flat…and yeah, that isn’t the best look. 

That’s all we have for you today, we hope this spring season there is a spring in your step and your gorgeous curls. Let us know what topic we should be talking about next, send this to a curly who might find it helpful. 

See you next time! Happy Spring season, don’t forget to look fire.