Fix My Curls

Color mane-tenance Kit

Rs. 1,499 Rs. 2,500

Colour your hair without the damage! Yes, you heard us right. 

Suffering from dry, damaged hair post hair coloring, bleach or salon treatments? We’ve got just the solution for you. Everything you need to restore your hair now in our Color Mane - tenance Bag.

✅ Add Definition without the frizz

✅ Nourish from the inside out 

✅ Longer Lasting Frizz Free Hairstyles 

The Bag Contains: 

1 Scalp & Strands Hair Elixir Oil (30ML)

1 Satin Pillowcase (random colour)

1 Protein Powered Deep Conditioning Hair Mask (150GM)

1 FREE Wash day trio trial pack ( 20gms each)

Do I need this?

BEST FOR: Medium-High porosity hair that needs healing or hair that is thick + dry and needs shine, strengthening and repair.

NO TOXINS: No sulphates, silicones, parabens, glycerin, waxes, or mineral oils in our products. We give your curly/wavy hair the best it deserves. 

HEAL YOUR CURLS: Colour, keratin, smoothening, heat and bleach damage can be healed with our leave in cream. Use this duo once every week on damp/wet hair as a sealant, and watch it protect and nourish your split ends, breakage, and revive your texture.


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