Fix My Curls

Hydration Boost Kit

Rs. 1,199 Rs. 2,000

Tired of struggling with frizz too? We’ve got an all-in-one solution for you. The Hydration Boost Bag is just the right choice for you, to add moisture to your hair without the grease. 

✅ Add Definition

✅ Nourish from the inside out 

✅ Add Moisture 

The Bag Contains: 

1 Scalp & Strands Hair Elixir Oil (30ML)

1 Satin Pillowcase (random color)

1 Moisture Styling Duo Travel pack (50gm each)

1 FREE Wash day trio trial pack 

Do I need this?

BEST FOR: Medium-High porosity hair that needs healing or hair that is thick + dry and needs shine, strengthening and repair.

NO TOXINS: No sulphates, silicones, parabens, glycerin, waxes, or mineral oils in our products. We give your curly/wavy hair the best it deserves. 

HEAL YOUR CURLS: Color, keratin, smoothening, heat and bleach damage can be healed with our leave in cream. Use this duo once every week on damp/wet hair as a sealant, and watch it protect and nourish your split ends, breakage, and revive your texture.


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