Fix My Curls

Frizz Control Kit

Rs. 1,199 Rs. 2,000

Its time to get rid of those frizzy hair and get those super defined and hydrated curls back! Try out our easy to user beginner  friendly Frizz control kit, it is super affordable and would do wonders to your hair! 

✅ Adds Definition

✅ Nourishes inside out 

✅ Adds Moisture 

The Bag Contains: 

1 Scalp & Strands Hair Elixir Oil (30ML)

1 Satin Pillowcase (random color)

1 Protein Styling Duo Travel pack (50gm each)

1 FREE Wash day trio trial pack 

Do I need this?

BEST FOR: Medium-High porosity hair that needs healing or hair that is thick + dry and needs shine, strengthening and repair.

NO TOXINS: No sulphates, silicones, parabens, glycerin, waxes, or mineral oils in our products. We give your curly/wavy hair the best it deserves. 


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